A Brief Guide to Essay Writing

To guide you in writing your essays, you should always have in mind that their aim is to develop a logical argument as your response to the specific question being given to you. Do not write with the aim of simply listing facts. Include only information which are useful in developing your own argument. You and your academic performance will be assessed using your writing work.

As guide in your writing of essays, you should work towards progressing what you have written from introduction to discussion to conclusion. In writing your introduction, you can state the question in an expanded form. Break the question down into its elements. Then, describe how you plan to answer it. Do this by making an outline for it.

Proceeding with the discussion part of your essays, you should make each of your paragraph a step higher in developing your argument. Thus, they should progress logically while following the sequence you have outlined in your introduction. Besides, you can write your discussion portion first so that you can make sure that what you write in the introduction is what really is in the discussion. In other words, the outline you give in your introduction is based on the discussion which you have already written.

If you are already a developed or advanced writer, you can develop more than one argument at the same time and in a progressive manner. Still, you should limit each paragraph to only one point. You can use sub-headings to subdivide you work. Proceeding with the conclusion, it should be able to sum up the main or major steps and in a logical sequence. Further, you should show in your conclusion how you were able to answer the question through your writing work. In writing your essay, you should use illustrations or examples which are relevant. See to it that you place them in the appropriate parts. Your overall approach should be a critical one. Also, do not fail to properly site all the works of other people which you have used.


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